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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healthy Parfaits Using On Sale Ingredients

Fresh berries have been on sale, lately.
As you know when I get the Kellogg's cereals with the free breakfast item I like to order this yogurt. It's a good time to make some yummy parfaits!

Your imagination is the only limit with these tasty treats! I have been collecting these champagne glasses at garage sales this spring. They seem to run about .25 a piece and so every time I see one I get it, as they are so pretty for this kind of thing!
These ones above were strawberries and raspberries.

These ones have some blackberry juice and berries, along with strawberries.

One tub of yogurt made 12 parfaits. Now that I have blueberries I will have to make some of those! What are you putting in yours????


Jelena said...

This looks yummy, I'm going to make this with raspberries, I bought them today at Superstore for 99cents

Sue said...

Thanks Jelena! I got the raspberries too!