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Monday, June 11, 2012

Deals around Town

I thought I'd share some of the deals I found today. I stopped in at Shoppers to buy one Gillette  product as there is a coupon for 3000 points. You can find it here .You don't see my Gillette product pictured as I left it at the store(it's been one of those days) they are holding it for me. So, for a $3.49 purchase, I got 3000 points. 3000 points on a Mega redemption day are worth $7.89! The Orchard Park Mall Shoppers seems to always have great clearance in the food section. I needed whip cream for tomorrow and these small ones had $2 off coupons each. The regular price is $3.49, so with $2 off it's was $1.49. 1L at Costco $3.15, so this was a bit more savings. The Activia yogurt(8X100g) was $4.99 with a $2 off store coupon and I had a $1 off coupon, making it $1.99.
These yummy Europe's Best veggies are on for $2.99(at Shoppers), and there are these recent coupons for $2 off make these .99! By the way, rumour has it there is a 20X the points event this Saturday.
I used the coupon from the Entertainment book I got for $5 . It lets you buy 3 breads at McGavins discount bakery from the  discount  section, they are $1.49, each and get 3 free! All this bread was $4.47!!! There are 2 other coupons for McGavins bakery good for 2 free discount breads. So, so far my $5 book has saved me $2.98, $2.98, $4.47 in free bread, so $10.43!
Thanks to Jenelle and Jacob over at  Extreme Coupon Canada(you can see their video here)
I was brave and did some coupon stacking at Save On Foods. The Orchard Plaza Save On Foods  does coupon stacking, but not price matching. They are similar to Safeway in that if something is 2/$7 you can just buy one for $3.50. So, I had a $1.50 and a $1 off coupon(they had different bar codes) and I got this Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, which was $3.50. I  took it to the till and I must admit I was a bit nervous...the teller acted like it happens all the time and gave me my dressing for $1!

Costco has the frozen fruit salad 2.25kg for $6.99.
Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry are also on sale at Costco for $7.19 for 850g.  This is just dangerous for me! These are sooooo good! So, now I must justify why I needed to buy them. Well, it was a great deal does that count???? Let me justify further by showing you what a great deal it was! At Costco's price, $7.19 for 850g, they are $8.46/Kg.
The picture below is at Shoppers where they are $3.99 for 200g making them $19.95/Kg!!!! So, I am feeling quite justified in my purchase(beside the fact my husband says he NEEDS these)!

These are the same Acai Blueberries, "on sale",  at Shoppers for $3.99. The bag is 200g.

200g bag

Did you get your free magazine? If not you can by filling out this form. There are lots of recipes inside as well as coupons.


Ashley said...

Ya save-on!! I thought I would give the stacking a try today out here. I was able to use 12.00 dollars in coupons on one pkg of diapers. Got the dressing and free milk! I was very happy. I do find myself very nervous when I was there too, almost more nervous than getting caught speeding lol.

Thanks for the post!

Sue said...

Way to go Ashley! That's a nice savings on diapers. What brand do you like? I can send you some coupons if you want. Message me. Thanks for the comments!