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Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Week's Sales

Friday only sales at Safeway!
2/$5 Butter(remember you can freeze it)limit 4...these are the good old days prices!
Nectarines are $1/lb
Chicken Breasts are $2.89/lb($25.48/box)limit 2

All week cantaloupes are .59/lb
Friday and Sat only at Supers!
NN Perogies 1Kg $1!!!(never tracked this low, lowest price is $1.48) limit 2. Yogurt is  3/$1, no limit that I can see.
Friday and Sat only at Superstore! Limit of 2 of the raspberries and 6 of the pop and water.
 All week ....

Broccoli bunches are .96, tomatoes are .86/lb

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