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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Costco This Week

I was in Costco was a zoo! Here's the leaflet they give out at the door. My understanding is it's good for all of western Canada.

Oh dear...Munchie mix is on sale...$4.39 for 1100g.

Bulls-Eye BBQ sauce is $5.49 for 2 940ml bottles.

4.54kg of Naleway Perogies(there are 4 bags inside) are $7.99.
These usually cycle down to this price Jan,Feb,Apr,May and June.
They also had the Noodle Time soups 12 packs for $9.89.
Catelli Smart Pasta 2X1.2Kg $6.69.
French's Mustard 2X830ml $4.39.

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Lindsay @ A Walk in the Closet said...

Oh, I hope we have the munchies on sale here in Ontario, too! These are always well received by guests since you can pick out the pieces you like and great for a small snack bag for lunch. The price is way WAYYYYY cheaper than regular sized bags, too...even at their regular price!