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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hawaii Anyone????

Oh.... how we love Hawaii! I sure hope someone out there is planning on going this winter and can take advantage of this deal! I am signed up to receive most travel deals by email. This morning I saw this! Travel Alerts has flights from Vancouver to Honolulu, Dec 6-13 for $159 one way...add in all the taxes and fees and the grand total is $437.91!!!!!!!!!! The best deal I have seen in awhile(when we went 3 years ago we thought we got a screaming deal at $500/person!
 I went on both Westjet and Air Canada and was unable to get this deal on either site so I think you have to book through their site(it's with Air Canada). I am sure there are limited seats at this price so if you are probably need to book ASAP...Drop me a line if you get it and I can enjoy your trip vicariously!!!!!

Just after I hit publish on this article I got this email from Alaska airlines! If you were to travel from Bellingham to Maui Dec 5-11 your total would be $356.40!!!! You can travel starting Nov 8th at this price.
My friend Steven, from Grocery Alerts had Facebooked me and asked if I had looked into Bellingham flights. If you live closer to the border it's always a great option to explore. Of course you need to factor in the driving and parking. Wish I lived closer to Vancouver!

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