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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bolt Bus

My daughter was home this weekend and asked me if I had heard about the Bolt Bus. I hadn't, so she asked if I'd do a little research...and here's what I found.
Bolt Bus leaves from Vancouver at 1150 Station Street and goes to Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington(there are more routes if you are travelling in the USA). They have free Wifi, Extra Leg room, power outlets, and reserved seating. You can travel for as little as $1 one way! What's the catch? Well, I could find the following dates leaving from Vancouver going to Seattle for $1:
June 26 at 730am
July 5 at 730am
July 8 630am
July 22 at 630am(this is $1.20)
July 28 at 630am
July 30 at 130pm or 430pm
July 31 at 130pm
but once I added that we were 2 people travelling the $1 fares were almost non existent. But still, there were plenty of $6 fares. I found I could go June 26-28 for $7! The fares I found were  $1, $6, $8, $10, $15, $20, $22 for one way. Vancouver to Seattle is a 2 hour and 33 minute car ride or a 3 hour and 45 minute Bolt ride.
 To Portland they seem to start at $14 and go to $50, however on July 28 at 630am there is a $2 fare! I could book a return fare for $14 on the 30th, making it $16 round trip! To Portland it's a 5 hour and 30 minute car ride normally...It's 7 hours and 15 minutes on the Bolt Bus.
There is a $1 processing fee.
They have a reward system where after you have made 8 trips(one way) you get a free trip(one way), 8 round trips you get 1 round trip free. This is only valid if you log in and book your trip online.
So, it seems if you are travelling and don't want to take your car you could really save some cash if you have a place to stay and are flexible when booking your dates. Most likely there are a very limited number of $1 fares.(When I called them they said there is usually just one per travel time and you had to search to find them as they go quick. ) If you live in Vancouver, Seattle or Portland it is a great way to travel!
Our Korean friend who lived with us last year stayed in inexpensive hostels in Seattle, but she didn't get a deal like this on her bus ride!!! Have you travelled with Bolt? What did you think???

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