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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Airmiles Coupons in the Mail Today Equals Cheap TP!!!

Did you get your Airmiles coupons today? Here's what they look like.

Here's the Safeway flyer, which starts April 20th. Combine the 50% off coupon with the Purex $5 toilet paper and you have a screaming deal on tp!!! There are 12 rolls of 270 sheets, so 3240 sheets. At 50% off it's $2.50/package. That makes it .0007716/roll!!!! Best price ever! Of course you can only get one package, but at least some of your tp is cheap!!!

My flyers always look like a math lesson by the time I am done with them!

There are also a few coupons for Purex out there. The 50% off coupon doesn't say anything about not using coupons so I will try and use one.(They are both from Websaver)

This is a super fun MIR. You need to buy 5 Dare products(one MUST be Bretons). Then send in the rebate form(in stores),your original receipt with the items circled and the UPC codes written on the back and they will send you a $15 gift card! This is available at Safeway, Save On, IGA,Metro, Coop Atlantic,Coleman's. (The rebate form says London Drugs, but when I called Dare they said that London Drugs wouldn't be participating).You don't NEED to spend $15...only buy 5 Dare products. I combined this with 10% off day and I bought 4 of the Real Fruit Gummies and one Breton's. My grand total was $11.19 so I will make $3.81(less a stamp). If you have any coupons for Dare products you could do even better!

Lakeview Market has Ragu for $1.28 and Grape Tomatoes 2/$3. Remember Walmart will match these prices.


sammy said...

how do you receive coupons by mail from airmiles?

Sue said...

Hi Sammy,
It's my understanding that when you sign up for airmiles you get the coupons. Maybe call them and ask?