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Monday, April 30, 2012

Garage Saling and Spring Flowers

I LOVE spring and all the colors and flowers blooming! This is a magnolia tree in bloom.
This Dogwood is stunning.
Apple tree in blossom.

We went garage saling this weekend. I find that garage saling can save us lots of money.  Not only that, the whole family enjoys doing it! I have learned that in the Okanagan you need to get shopping in spring as summer here is too hot and most people have their sales in the cooler weather.  I have a long list of things I am looking for.There is a list in my purse of sizes and measurements of things we, and also others we know, need.( I also kept some of my birthday money, especially for fun purchases for me.)
1) The snow boarding pants shown are for our daughter for next winter. They are Firefly brand and sell for $129.95 new! I paid $5!!!
2) I have been wanting the coffee machine shown. My Black and Decker coffee carafe is starting to flake inside( I bought it 5 years ago at a garage sale for $5), I couldn't find a replacement carafe and I knew that even if I did, it would probably be more than $20. I had priced out the brewing station pictured above, at Walmart this week, on sale for $60! Yikes! The first garage sale we went to there it was for $2! :)
3) Hubby has been looking for inflatable camping mats. They run between $44-$200. This one was $3!
4)The Rubbermaid see through storage containers are available on sale for $8.99 each. I paid $1 each.
5)The chairs I couldn't find a retail price for. We paid $7.50 each. They fold down for easy storage!
6)The candle, earrings and necklace were both $1.
7)The hardcover book was .50.
Total spent $29.50. Approximate retail value....$300...percentage saved 90%....that's not including all the taxes that would be paid on these items if they were bought new.

Garage saling is a great way to find what you are looking for, BUT you have to be patient. Kitchen gadgets are a great savings at garage sales as mostly people buy these, or get them as gifts, and don't use them. Things like bread machines, pasta makers, and rollers, juicers, coffee pots, etc. Half the fun for me is the hunt! How about you? Do you garage sale? If so, what are you looking for?
Happy Spring!!!!

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