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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peanut Butter at Costco!!!!

Do you need some peanut butter??? 

Costco has regular and light peanut butter on sale this week.
The regular at our Costco expires June 26, 2012, the light expires in Nov 2012. Does your Costco have a different expiry date?

$3.89 for 2kg!!!!!!
This is screaming!!!!`It went to this price last April, but the normal low price is $4.49-$4.98.

Because of the short expiry date, you need to have a plan if you aren't peanut butter junkies, like we are.
Some of my favorite recipes are peanut butter blossoms , they use a half a cup of peanut butter. Peanut butter bars use a cup of peanut butter. Regular recipes that use peanut butter are Peanut Thai chicken.

Primo Thin pizzas are on sale also.

I haven't bought these myself, anyone else?

Turkeys are $10 off.  For the 7kg size it works out to $1.76/lb or $3.86/kg. As  you know they
were just .99/lb for grade A at Safeway, so this isn't a great deal.


Dayna Dueck said...

Stocked up on PB! Thanks Sue. :)

Sue said...

Happy to hear it....I am about to post a yummy recipe that uses a whole cup!!! :)