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Monday, April 23, 2012

Free Gas, Free Movies and MIR

Today I logged into my Shaw account to check to see how much longer our cable would be connected. We usually have it for 6 months of the year. When I logged in I learned that because we had 2 or more services with Shaw we were eligible for Shaw Friends. What is this you ask?
Well, upon signing up(putting in your email address) you get....
This is from their website
If you have 2 Shaw services
 1. 2 free Shaw on Demand Movies(these usually run $4.99 each)
Program benefits

■Shaw Friends Concierge Service
■15% off NFL Sunday Ticket and NHL Centre Ice (Already subscribed to the current season? We'll credit your account.)
■Extra 25 GB of data per month for Shaw Internet
■Free Distinctive Ring for Shaw Home Phone
■Complimentary Installation
■A lifetime warranty on your hardware

If you have 3 services with Shaw you get all of the above with an upgrade to 50GB data.

I am happy to get 2 free movies as we were hoping to rent The Help anyways! Free is always fun! :)

Last week I got a quote from BCAA for our home insurance. It's coming up to renewal time and rates have really increased at our insurer. Right now if you get a home insurance quote, you can do it online in a few minutes or you can go in if you prefer, they will send you a $10 gift certificate for Husky or Mohawk! From what I can see it looks like this might be Kelowna only, anyone else in BC able to do this?
 I got mine already today!

You can click on this picture and see it larger.

Remember the Dare MIR I was telling you about? Well, here it is. I found it at Safeway. I wasn't in the cracker aisle, but at the end of the aisle, close to the cash registers.

The fine print. Read it carefully before mailing yours in. I always copy my receipt so I have a record of it. Hope you can get in on this! :)

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