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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

$100 for Opening a Free Chequing Account at ING

Want to make $100?
How about $125?
Do you want to stop paying fees for your bank account?
 When I saw this I decided to check it out.  I already have a TFSA savings account with ING and I received $25 when I opened that account. As well, my kids each got $25 for opening their savings accounts with ING.You can do this too. Just sign up for an account, deposit $100 and you get $25.
 When I saw this offer I was interested, but skeptical. I was wondering if it was going to be a whole lot of hassle for $100.
My questions were:
1. Would I have to pay to transfer money to pay my mortgage?
2. How would I get my  money out? Would I have to constantly mail my cheques in?
3.Are there hidden fees?
4.What about holds on my funds?
Here are the answers I found:
1. Transfers to my linked bank account are free!
2. I can go to any Exchange bank machine and withdraw or deposit money for free! The locator for the ATMS is here .(You get a bank card with a chequing account)
When I first opened an account with them I had to send them a cheque  from my bank.The reason for this was so that they could set this bank up for free transfers.
3. These are the fee items from their website

  • Whoops! Protection late fee (if your Account is in overdraft for more than 30 days) $2.50/month
  • Canadian Drafts (includes courier or pick-up at Café service) $10/draft
  • NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) Cheques $25
  • Stop cheque payment (applies to ING DIRECT cheques only) 1 Free per year, then $10 each
  • Your first THRiVE Chequing Account Chequebook is FREE - subsequent cheque books (50 cheques) are $12.50

So, for me the only issue would be paying for cheques after the initial 50 free ones. The other option would be to just transfer the money into my other chequing account when I need to write cheques.

4. This is from their website.
Any deposits made by cheque or electronic transfer will be credited to your account, however, they will be held by ING DIRECT pending clearance. Your funds will earn interest from the dated of deposit, however the funds will be unavailable to you until the funds clear your linked transactional account. Generally electronic transfers will clear within 5 business days, cheques will clear within 5 business days and deposits into your account drawn from a US Institution will clear within 15 business days
There are no holds on direct deposits(like payroll or child tax credit, etc).

Plus, you can make money by referring friends. The link up above(the orange key) is my referral number, use it if you want to. (Thanks in advance if you do!)
Let's say you open a thrive chequing account using my orange key(3383313S1). 
1)You get $25(and so do I) when you put in your first deposit, which must be $100 to qualify for the bonus.
 2)Then if you set up your payroll to be deposited(must have a deposit before April 30th) you get another $100!!!!
 Setting up your payroll is easy from their website.
For every friend who opens an account with ING they get $25 and you get $25. There is an in depth bonus schedule on their website.
I set ours up in a matter of a few minutes. The $100 will be deposited into my account 30 days from the time our first payroll is deposited. I am thinking that it will be a good way to keep multiple savings accounts separate, and the $100 doesn't hurt! Hope you can benefit! :)

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