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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chicken Breasts

This morning I was at Walmart(on highway 97). Seems they mark down their meats in the morning. The bone in chicken breasts that were $8 per package, had been marked down to $5.60.

All the sizes are different, so it's like the cheese game, the bigger the size the better.

This one is 1.366kg.That makes it $4.10/kg($5.60/1.366)or $1.86/lb!

This one is 1.466kg, so it works out to $3.82/kg or $1.74/lb.
Some of the smallest ones were 1.2kg, so this would be $4.67/kg or $2.12/lb.
The largest one I found was 1.564kg which is $3.58/kg or $1.63/lb!!!!
As you can see the range is from $1.63/lb to $2.12/lb. For chicken breasts, even bone in, skin on, that's a great price! Just pop it into the freezer as soon as you get home, or use it no later than tomorrow if you keep it in the fridge.(best before date may vary in different stores). Hope you can get some!!!

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