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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Again About the Toilet Paper!

Here I go again....about the toilet paper! This week at Shoppers they have the Royale 12 packs and 16 packs for $5.99, it was not possible to see the sheets per roll on the flyer so I didn't know it was a good deal until I went to Shoppers. Do you have the coupon for $1?
 Then this will cost you $4.99 for 4320 sheets.
 This makes it .001155/sheet.
This is a good price.
The 16 pack has 160 sheets more, however the coupon for Royale
is only good for 12 or 24 packs so you'd pay more for that size.

This is the NN toilet paper that was on sale in March at Extra Foods.(When I bought it it was on Customer Appreciation Day so I got 15% off. It cost $6.78 or .001009/sheet)
As you can see it worked out to .0011875/sheet, so it would cost $5.13 to buy the same amount of sheets as the Royale.
Is it sad that I use permanent marker to write these things on our tp? Maybe I inherited this from my grandpa? When they stopped putting price tags on things(when was that anyways?)I was always amazed that he took a felt or pen and wrote the prices on all his boxes. If he was still alive he might be proud of me???

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