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Friday, January 10, 2014

This Week's Sales

This week there are some deals to help you slash your grocery budget!
 3 Day Sale
 Pork Ribs $1.99/lb(this is one of my PC plus items so I will price match at Superstore and save .20/$1 spent)
 Bananas .60/lb
 Be sure to check your PC plus items before you shop. I am finding mine to be more and more tailored to what we buy!
 At Superstore
3 Day sale
PC Cheese bars $4.77 for 500g limit 4
 6 Pita  $1 limit 4
 Bag of 4 green or red peppers 2/$3
 All Week
 Extra Lean Ground Beef $2.88/lb(limit 4)
 Club Pack Celebration Nut mix 1Kg $6.48(limit 4) I used to love having this on hand but unfortunately it all has wheat added last I checked!
 NN Beans or Chickpeas 540ml 5/$4(.80 each)
 NN Club Pack Frozen Vegetables 2Kg $3.68 (limit 2)
Andy Boy Romaine $1.96 as shown below. If you use the Cart Smart app they are offering $1 off this romaine. That makes it .96 for 3 romaine hearts!

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You surely know where to go to save. Thanks for the tips!