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Monday, January 13, 2014

Canada Wide Price Matching at Walmart

So, here's my report about price matching Canada wide at Walmart. Last night I spent hours pouring over the rebee flyers. I put in my location as Toronto, Ontario and found the selection awesome! I scrolled through the pages and took screen shots of the pages I wanted to price match. I made sure I tapped on the flyer so the name of the store and the date popped up on my iPad(I didn't know it did helpful!). I didn't limit my search to Ontario, I went to big centers across Canada. At first, it was a disorganized mess, but after awhile I figured out a way to keep it neat. I made a written list of all the deals. I included it below for those of you who are a bit strange like me and find this kind of thing fascinating. Allow me a little rabbit trail....our Korean home stay asked me years ago, "Sue, don't you find this annoying????" No, I still don't..this is fun for me! I wanted to be as organized as possible, but I learned of ways to do better next time. 
1) I will write beside the item where it came from. For example: if the ad says from the USA on the ad for grapes I will make note of that so that I can price match without looking it up while at the store.
2) I will figure out the price per kg and write it on my list as the cashier needs that more than price per pound.
3)Someday I might goes as far as organizing my list by the store layout....
When I got to the store I went straight to customer service to confirm what the customer service lady told me on the phone was happening. Customer service knew nothing about price matching Canada wide....that's what I figured....she called her manager. She knew about BC wide price matching, but was unaware of Canada wide price matching. She called her manager. She was very pleasant, by the way. It was confirmed. Now, I have jumped through grocery hoops long enough to know that that's not where it ends! I asked the manager how the teller would know to do it. She said to use her name, Jo, and tell her to shut down her till and only serve me! When I was finished shopping, Jo just happened to be by the tills and directed me to a cashier that could handle my situation! The till was shut down and so there was no pressure of people behind me feeling grouchy! Shannon was very professional and kind! She handled the situation like it was nothing! Below are my purchases in pictures. Here's the money tally.
12 Old South frozen orange juice .50 each    $6
2  10 lb bags of potatoes                $2 each     $4
3  2 L Chapman's Ice cream        $2.99 each   $8.97
12 Catelli Spaghetti sauce              $1 each     $12
2 Blackberries 170 g                        $1 each     $2
2 Dole pineapples                        $1 each     $2
2 3 lb bags of carrots                    $1 each     $2 
2 3 lb bags of onions                     $1 each     $2
1 Astro Yogurt                              $1.88 each $1.88
2  Gluten free PF Chips                $1.99 each-.50Ch51  $3.48
1 Hershey's whole nuts                $3.48-$2 coupon-$2CH51=+.52
1 NHL candy cane hockey set     $1 each      $1
4 3 PC Garlic                                .25 each     $1
Broccoli Crowns                            .79/lb         $1.79
2 Green Grapes                            .88/lb          $3.76
1 Celery                                       .99 each        .99
3 Bunches Bananas                     .39/lb          $2.79
2 Stewing Beef                          $2.99/lb       $7.67
1 Chicken Breast Club Pack     $2/lb            $8.19
1 Pork Picnic Roast                    $1/lb          $4.42
1 Pork Tenderloin                        $1/lb         $2.24
3 Breton Gluten Free Crackers   $2 (wrong price so one free) $4
2 Red Cabbage                         .50 each        $1
Grand total $83.06
Will you try it????

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Jessie said...

Incredible! I just recently found out about this and am in Surrey, BC. Would like to try price matching Canada wide, but my Wal Mart experiences aren't always great. At which location did you have success with this? Thanks for the great post :)