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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stamps on Sale Before the Increase

  The price of stamps is set to significantly rise in the upcoming year. By March 31 stamps bought in a 10 pack will cost $8.50 plus tax. Individual stamps will cost a $1. Even though we mail less and less, we still find we need stamps. How about you? We mail birthday cards, MIRs, and our health plan receipts need to be mailed in, just to mention a few things I can think of off the top of my head.
  This week Rexall is offering stamps at 10% off (starting Friday). When I talked to Rexall they said that all permanent stamps have been taken off the market until stamp prices increase!(However, Shoppers still has them.)  So, if you were to buy non permanent stamps this week a book of 10 would cost you $5.67 instead of $6.30(plus tax). This works out to one free stamp per pack. However, if you could get these as permanent stamps it would save you $2.83 come March 31! Even spending full price on permanent stamps right now will save you $2.20/pack come March 31. 
1. The best deal for your dollar right now would be to be able to get the permanent stamps at 10% off at Rexall. However, this probably isn't possible(check anyway if you are near a Rexall). 
2. The next best deal is to buy the 100 pack at Costco for $59.99(not permanent)this will save you $25.00/100 come March 31. This is going to be some hassle come March 31 when you have to buy $25.00 worth of stamps to bump each .63 stamp up to .85!
3.Buying permanent stamps at Shoppers or wherever you can find them will save you $2.20/10 pack come Mar 31, without the hassle of buying extra stamps and without having to lay out $60. If you do buy these at Shoppers they are not in the post office but at the front tills. Remember to buy a Shoppers gift card getting points on your Optimum card and then paying for the stamps with your gift card.See explanation here.
  Here's a final thought. It might be a good idea to keep the permanent stamps you have now and buy the on sale ones at Rexall to tide you over until the increase. Say a book of 10 .63 stamps will last you till March 31, use them between now and then, keeping your permanent ones for after March 31.

 This may be the last time you can get stamps on sale before the increase.

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