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Friday, January 17, 2014

This Week Price Matching at Walmart

Well, another new week of flyers is upon us! I had such fun pouring over them to find the best deals across Canada. Again, I had a great experience, customer service wise. I spoke with the manager in regards to price matching eggs and milk as the brands are all different at different stores. She said no problem, I just needed to buy their main brand, the eggs are Great Value and the milk is Dairyland. This time my teller was Rocelyn who is awesome at her job. 
Below, the first two pictures show all I bought. The second two are just close ups of the meat. I buy for a food coop that's why I have so much. All of this food was $69.93!!! Here's a breakdown of the price I paid and the store I price matched. In brackets is the total price I would have paid at Walmart's price.
Bananas .39/lb(Bonaza Lalumiere) $7.92($46.32)
Cantaloupe $1.47(Giant Tiger)$4.41($8.97)
Honey Dew $1.99(Blue Sky) $1.99($2.99)
Pork ribs .99/lb(Atlantic Superstore)$9.16($46.04)
Chicken Thighs .99/lb(Bonaza Lalumiere)$16.43($52.93) 
Natural Selections Meats 175 g .99(Bonaza Lalumiere)$7.92($46.32) 
Kiwis 6/$1(Bonaza Lalumiere)$1($3.42) 
Eggs 18 $3(Price Chopper)$9($14.91)
Milk $3.99(HMart)$3.99($4.59)
Yams .59/lb(Nations Fresh Foods)$1.84($3.02)
Tomatoes .59/lb(Bonaza Lalumiere)$1.17($1.96)
Gluten Free Catelli Pasta 2/$4(Sobey's)$4($4.94)
I paid $69.93, if I paid Walmart prices I would have paid $236.41.

The chicken thighs pictured above I paid $4.28 instead of $11.04. The pork ribs were $1.65 instead of $8.29!


Anonymous said...

thank you so much Sue for all your hard work with the flyers.
may i ask which flyer did you price matched to get such a cheap meat? pork ribs? chicken?

Sue said...

Well, thank you for your kind words! The pork ribs were from Atlantic Superstore and the chicken from Bonanza . I am amazed at these prices! How about you?