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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Other Money

I thought we needed a happy sunny picture!
I hope you had a great Christmas!
Happy 2014!
I am part of a forum called The Other Money.The Other Money is money that comes from a source or sources other than your regular income. It has inspired me to do better with keeping track of my Other Money. You might be surprised to find all the different areas you can make money. I thought I'd share mine for 2013.
Shopper's Points $767.92 worth of free stuff(spent $454.53)
MBNA cash back $600(2% on gas and groceries 1% on everything else)
Sold stuff on castanet $386.16
Checkout 51 $362.25 cash back (I haven't done a good job of blogging the deals but I am still using this app regularly)
Mail In Rebates $326.57
PC Points $280
Gas Bucks $128.75
Air Miles cash $80(used for gas at Shell)
Costco rebate $15.55
Scene card 2 free movies
That's a grand total of $2947.20!
Where does your Other Money come from?

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