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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Print and Price Match????

So, I have been thinking about this price matching thing, and about how I could make it simple for others to do. I may have stumbled upon something....let's see if it works. If you don't have time to go through the flyers or have a smart phone or tablet, but would be interested in trying this price matching thing, maybe you could print this page? I tried it and it does work. You need to be sure to click on the post title first so that it doesn't print the entire blog! Then you could just take it into the store? As long as you can read the sizes of the items it should work. Here's a few deals from this week. Please note a few end on the 21st!(I don't know when you will get this in your mailbox if you subscribe)
I have just given a small snapshot this week. I am already seeing the flyers for next week in my Rebee app! (Hopefully on Friday I will have a new long list....just a few things I am seeing for next week....eggs, chicken, pineapple and potatoes!)
Jean Coutu 17-23
 Alymer soups 4/$1(not positive that Walmart carries this brand)
Giant Tiger 15-21
Cantaloupes $1.47
Cataldi 16-21
Red globe grapes .99/lb
Iceberg lettuce .99
Nations Fresh Foods 17-23
Fresh Chicken Thighs with back attached .79/lb
Sweet Potatoes .59/lb
Highland Farms 17-23
Broccoli .99
4lb Mac or Red Delicious apples $1.99(.50/lb)
1lb bag of kiwis $1.99
No Frills 17-23
Blackberries 170g $1
Broccoli $1
Grape Tomatoes pint $1
Chunky Soup 540 ml $1
Food Basics 17-23
Lean Cuisine Selections $1.88(CH 51 has $1 cash back)


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