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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Canada Wide Price Matching in Pictures

This week's shopping was extra fun as my sister in law joined me. She is awesome to shop with. She's patient and organized! We had a blast!Our teller was Donna, recommended by the floor supervisor. Once again we shut down a till. My sister in law and I had our order very organized. We even arranged it on the belt in order of it's appearance on the list and iPad photos! Donna was so efficient and professional! We heard some talk in the meat department about Walmart not taking flyers that weren't in English. Upon further investigation we learned that Walmart wasn't taking the flyer Seasons as there was a flyer that offered pork ribs for .09/lb!!!!  I kind of figured so when I saw it! Grand total for all the lovely fruits, veggies, chicken, pasta, yogurt and eggs $39.92!!!!
The breakdown:
3 Pasta .98 each
2 Europe's Veg 500 g .99 ea!!!!
3 Bunches of Bananas .39/lb
Grapes .99/lb
Chicken $1.44/lb
6 Tomato Paste .38 ea
2 Salt .50 ea
3 Eggs $1.44 ea
2 Cucumbers .99 ea
6 Yams.38/lb
Cauliflower $1.49 ea
yogurt $1.44
9 Peppers .99/lb
4 Lemons .25 ea
Pineapple $1.44
Romaine .88 ea
Broccoli .99 ea
6 Roma tomatoes .69/lb
Celery .97 ea
This is really helping reduce the cost of groceries! Thanks Lynn for making shopping more fun and organized!!!


Lynn Stoesz said...

Shopping with you was so much more fun than by myself. We make a good team together and I like celebrating our accomplishments and savings together. Can't wait to do it again next week!

Expatriate Tax Services said...

Wow! You would be a great companion for shopping. I don't think I can buy such enormous products for just $39.