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Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Week's Sales

This happy balloon landed when I was shopping at!
Spend $250 get $25 gift card
Pineapples $1.96
Broccoli .96 each
Yams .46/lb
Mac Apples .77/lb
Brussels sprouts .96/lb
Carrots 5lb bag $1.65
NN stuffing mix .88(limit 4)
Turkey .95/lb utility 3-5kg

If you have this coupon butter is $3.22.

If you have these coupons pie crusts are $1.50.(if you were so inclined you could PM Walmart and pay a few cents less. There`s are on for $2.47 each, so this might work especially if you only had one coupon, or only wanted to buy one).
Extra Foods
All the same deals as above.
Spend $25=10%
Spend $50=12%Spend $100=15
If you can shop on Monday or Tuesday you can get all the Thanksgiving trimmings above for 10-15% cheaper!
Turkeys Frz utility .95/lb
Red grapes .97/lb
Christies crackers, Peak Freen cookies, Dad's cookies $1.88
3lbs onions or carrots $1!!!
Betty Crocker cake mixes $1.33
Tenderflake Pie crusts $2.47
Save On
Grade A Turkey 3-7kg .99/lb limit 1
Yams .49/lb
Bone In Ham $1.99/lb
Stove Top stuffing .99each
The same as Save On

Do you get this magazine? It's free from President's Choice. It sometimes has coupons inside.

This .75 off pasta was inside.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that magazine is free? I'm in Ontario and it's $2.99 here. :(

Sue said...

Hi Clover,
I get it mailed to me....I'm not sure how or when I signed up to get it or if I even did, but it's free. Maybe call them?