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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whole Wheat Bread Bowls With Hamburger Soup

This is the best supper ever....really. Hamburger soup inside of whole wheat bread bowls!
Don't be intimidated by the bread making. I always have a little talk with myself before making bread. "Now, Sue, remember, bread making isn't hard(especially with my Kitchenaid mixer, thanks mom and dad), it just takes time to rise." Really....

Here is the time break down. 
1. It takes 5-10minutes to let the yeast ferment. 
2. 10 minutes of kneading 
3. and then a total of 2 hours rising.
 4. Baking time says 45 minutes, but that is too long in my oven. I went with 35 minutes and still they were a little bit burnt browner than I wanted! 
The idea came when I was menu planning. One of my favorite cooking blogs, How Sweet It Is, had this recipe. When I menu plan, I take into account the weather of the week as well as our schedule. It was to be rainy on Tuesday, or so the weather guesser  man said. So, I thought, I have lots of whole wheat flour, we love hamburger soup, why not try this recipe?  The hamburger soup recipe is here.
  I served it with a caesar salad, but be forewarned, it is sooooo filling all by itself! I taught the kids their cooking lesson, using this as our menu. Our goal is that they will each cook a supper, per week, eventually. ;)

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