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Friday, September 28, 2012

This Week's Sales Update

The stamps at Rexall work out to be .55/stamp. If you were to buy them at Costco(you have to buy 100)they are .58/stamp. As, they always increase in price and these are the ones with no price on them, now is a good time to get some!
Safeway's milk deal includes buttermilk! $2 for 2L!
Also, the potato deal is buy one get 2 free. One is $3.99, so you get 3, 5lb bags for $1.33 each!

Safeway receipt

Quality Greens has red, yellow and orange peppers for .99/lb!

Quality Greens receipt

Thought you might need a laugh. These majesta toilet papers are on sale this week for $1. There are $1 off coupons out there. So for these 2 packages, which are extremely teeny, it cost .12 in tax!

Canadian Tire receipt.
If you are a Checkout 51 member, the Praeventia  cookies are $3.47 at Walmart so with your $3 back you'd get them for .47. If you bought the Craisins at Costco, you can use your receipt for Check out 51, it's only .50, but better than nothing! Shoppers has the Werther's on for $1.99, PM at Extra Foods on Tuesday and get  them for .25(at 12% off). Tampax Pearl(18s) are on for $3.84 at Walmart. Checkout 51 gives you $2 and there are $1 coupons out there, so you'd pay .84. Are you a member of Checkout 51?(You can get on a waiting list for new members by emailing them your email address on their site, checkout I'd love any suggestions on combining coupons that you are doing. You can email me at, or comment here on the blog.


Jocelyn Pascall said...

Well done! Food is getting so expensive these days, every little bit helps.

Sue said...

Thanks Jocelyn!