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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MIR Finish Quantum

There is another mail in rebate for Finish. The form is in the Smart Source that came in the paper this weekend. If you don't get that you can go to their Facebook page and print the form. Buy 20 count Finish Quantum between Sept 22 and Oct 12(dates are a bit different for the Facebook MIR) and get up to $8.49 back. There are several $2 off coupons out there, and if you could use this on a 20X the points day at Shoppers or 10% off day, you could stand to make money from this MIR! I did this one this year and the turn around was really quite fast. I mailed it April 16th and got the cheque May8th. (I write on my calendar the day I pop it in the mail and the day I get it back. I also photocopy my receipt and MIR form for my records.) I was happily surprised to receive $10.12 as they pay you the tax and postage as well! Have you tried MIRs yet?


Anonymous said...

I plan to buy this on a SDM point event. Hopefully one is coming up soon!

Sue said...

Good idea Clover!