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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cheese, Chicken Cordon Swiss and Flour

This week at Costco there were a few deals worth mentioning!
The boxes of 8 cordon swiss were are on for $7.59. I have seen them cycle Jan, Apr, May and Sept. This is the lowest I have seen them go! Last September they were $8.09! We love this as a nice easy, tasty dinner!
Armstrong Cheese is on for $7.59 got the 900g package. This makes it $8.43/kg! It tends to cycle at Costco in Jan, Sept and Dec. This is the lowest price I have seen it go at Costco! It doesn't expire until May of 2013, so you can stock up!

I am almost out of flour. I usually buy my flour at Costco, but I usually buy the 10kg. My sister in law was with me and pointed out that not only was this a bit cheaper, but also unbleached. 20 kg of flour $12.79. Thanks Lynn!

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