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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Deals and More

The sunsets have been amazing after each hot day. One night hubby hopped in the car to drive to the other side of  the mountain to get this great shot. I, however, wasn't going to move from my room with my little air conditioner!

I am really enjoying Safeway's Friday deals, how about you? The milk is 2L for $2 so if you normally buy a 4L of milk you are saving some money at $4 for 4L. There is a limit of 2.
Lean ground beef is $1.99/lb limit 4.

Roses are $5 for 9 with baby's breath and greenery. Limit 3 This is a smoking deal, even at Costco 24 are $17.99, this works out to 27 for $15!

Superstore and Extra Foods
Romaine is .56
454g of mushrooms $1.98
9lb mangoes $5.48

2lb grapes $2.48($1.24/lb)

NN Pasta 2Kg $3
PC Salsa 1.85L $4.98

Watermelons are $3.99

Save On
Turkey Grade A Frozen limit 1 .99/lb
Tomatoes .79lb

Save On has the 8kg of rice $6.99

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