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Monday, July 30, 2012

Fire on the Lake

There's a fire on the other side of the Lake Okanagan. It is estimated to be 30 hectares in size! To read the news story you can go here.
I went out to my cousins this morning and got a few shots of the fire, the water bomber and the helicopters. In this picture there are 2 helicopters, I know they are hard to make out. One is to the left at the very edge of the picture, the other one is in the middle of the picture just dropping water.

I know these pictures aren't fantastic(neither is my camera)but you can get the gist of the water bomber and his fire retardant dump.

They are working hard with 3 helicopters and the water bomber. The air smells like camp fire. The side of the mountain is red with the fire retardant. Many home owners are under evacuation alert. My uncle died fighting a fire in his helicopter many years ago.

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