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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad

We were with some friends at Kaloya Park last weekend and I took this picture there.

                                             Last week we went strawberry picking.
These 3 ice cream buckets cost $20! $1.25/lb is a great price for these sweet berries!

Don't they look so yummy???? They are. The only thing I would do different next year is to bring kneeling pads or a small stool(some people I know were smart enough to think of this this year!) Actually, there is another thing...I think I will bring long flat containers(again some people already know this!)so as to not squish them.

While menu planning I came across this yummy recipe! Of course I altered it a bit and so can you.

I grilled some boneless skinless breasts on the bbq. You can do this ahead of time if you like.
The dressing is soooo tasty and easy! I am planning on using it again in other summer salads!

1/3 cup of olive oil

1/3 cup strawberries

2 Tbsp vinegar(I just used white)

1/4 tsp salt

2 tsp honey

                                         Blend it all

 I used romaine lettuce.
I added some fresh basil(thanks again Lynn!) I crumbled some feta on top. Then I sliced up the chicken breasts and lots of strawberries. Drizzle with dressing.The only other thing I would add is pepper.(go ahead and skip this Heather!) As you can see I skipped the nuts and apple. I might try it another time. It's such a versatile salad, you can change it up every time you make it!

It is soooo yummy!


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! I love "pick-your-own" places. So much fun. :)

Sue said...

Thanks Clover! Ys, picking yourself definitely has advantages!!!