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Saturday, July 14, 2012

20X the Points at Shoppers

Today is 20X the points day at Shoppers. I have had people ask me what I buy. Well, here's an example.
First, I bought a gift card with my Shoppers Optimum Mastercard, I pay it off every month. I got a $100 gift card and I received 1000 points. It is not shown on my receipt as I did that separately. Using my Shoppers Mastercard gets me 15X the dollar value spent so another 1500 points. So, together buying a gift card with my Mastercard made me 2500 in points, worth $6.58 at a Mega redemption.
The milk is on for $4.49, I need that any ways. The Sun chips are for the beach and 2/$4 is a good price. The Duracell chargers come with a charger and 2 batteries. They are on for $7.99, I had $5 off coupons from Brandsaver. The Vim was on for $1.99, I had a $1 off coupon from an insert. The Degree were on for $1.99 I had $1 off coupons from an insert. The Motrin was on for $5.99 I had a $3 off coupon they mailed me with a sample. The glade candles were the insert coupon spend $15 get $10 off. So, all together I had $26 in coupons.
My total before tax was $33.59.(As you can see you can spend less than $50 after coupons).
I got 11600 points for this. These points are worth $30.53 at a Mega Redemption. Add in the 2500($6.58) from above and the total is 14100 or $38.11. So, for all of this I will get all my money spent back
(not counting taxes) on a Mega Redemption Day, plus an extra $4.52. Do you play this fun game?

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