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Saturday, July 28, 2012

SCOP, Deals and More

My sister in law found this amazing deal. Coopers accidentally ordered WAY too many of these Lean Turkey Cheddar Burgers. These boxes usually go for $13.99 but they blew them out for $3!!! My Coopers was totally out, but hers still had some!(You may be able to still get some!) She was kind enough to get me some and send a picture! Thanks Lynn!

I found an oven! This Faberware was pretty much new. I bought it through Castanet. It can hold a 12inch pizza, a dozen muffins or a whole chicken! I am excited to have an oven to use out on the deck while it's hot, and to tide me over until we decide what to do about our broken oven.
This is a fun story! So, I was in Costco this week and I saw they had the packs of 3 chickens for $2 off. There was a sign over the chickens stating you get $2 off at the till.  I didn't get any at that time, but after I left I thought I should have. Costco's sales usually run until Sunday close so once I bought the rotisserie oven I needed some chicken to try it out! Today, while doing errands I did a quick stop at Costco. Just a side note but today the stores were absolutely quiet. Seems everyone was at the beach. I had already got my sunburn for the day, so I was happy to run in and out of the AC!

My 3 pack of chicken was $24.05. When I went through the till the $2 didn't come off. (Ashley, I was that woman! )They called someone over to go and see if there really was a sign over the chickens. The clerk brought it back with him, sure enough they were $2 off, until yesterday!!! The manager was called over(seriously, I was causing a pile up!)and the cashier asked if he should still give me the $2 off as it was their mistake the sign was still up. The manager said no, $10! This is a SCOP! So, 3 chickens for $14.05! Yippee!!!

Of course, I had to try out the rotisserie as soon as I got home. I wonder who gets to clean the drip pan????

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