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Thursday, July 12, 2012

This Week's Sales

This Week's Sales
Safeway 13-19
Best Buy Cheese is $7.99 could be a good deal if you could manage to find an oversized block(More than 800g)
Corn on the cob is 6/$1.98
Red Bell Peppers are buy 3 or more .99 each. If they weigh more than a pound each that's a good deal.
Long English Cucumbers are .88 when you buy 3.

There is an interesting mail in rebate for a $20 Safeway gift card when you buy 4 participating General Mills products. So, technically you could buy 4 of the Old El Paso Taco Kits in the flyer, spend $15.96 and get a $20 gift card. If you were to have coupons you could get your total even lower. The only problem I see with this offer is that they only have 750 gift cards. That doesn't seem like very many and I think they'd go pretty fast. The link they put in the flyer is here, but it doesn't show this offer yet, as of this writing.

FRIDAY ONLY is shown at the bottom of the flyer.You can go to on Friday to view the flyer.
 Some good deals are: The 2L pop is $1. The strawberries are $1.49/lb. Ivory soap is 2/$5.
Are you an Air Miles collector? Want to learn how to get more Air Miles for your bucks? Head over here to Bob's Safeway thread and get an Air Miles education! For example:
This week there is a B2get25AM on Windex. There are also B1G1 Free Windex coupons out there. This makes them $1.25 each plus you get 25 AM when you buy 2!

Superstore 13-19
Peaches are .76/lb
Fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs are $1.98/lb(limit4$3.98(limit 2)
3Pk English Cucumbers $2.28
2lb strawberries $2.96
Roma Tomatoes .86/lb
Cans of NN Beans are .87 for 540ml limit 6(it is of course cheaper to buy dried beans, but a bit more work)
The Suraj brand of beans are .88 and there doesn't seem to be a limit
NN Perogies 1Kg $1.48
2L NN Pickles $2.88(limit 6)
There is an interesting MIR when you spend $30 on Finish, Air Wick, Resolve, Woolite, Lysol you get a $10 PC gift card. Combine this with coupons and you could do well.

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