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Friday, February 22, 2013

This Week's Sales

Rexall has Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes for .88. As you can see there was an insert coupon for $1 off any Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste. Making them free! The Royale I circled when I thought I could combine the $1 off coupons from Gocoupons. They, however are for 12 or 24 packs. This deal is for 8 or 16 packs. :(

3 day sale has eggs 2/$4. If you have the get cracking coupon from websaver shown above you could get them for $3 for 2 dozen! Now, when we went to actually do this, I noticed that the bill said $4.91-1.00=$3.91. I pointed it out to the teller she said that since I used a manufacturer's coupon, the register only gives 50% of the coupon value! It had been happening all day and they didn't know why! So, she had to give us the difference. All this to say watch your bill!
 The 4 Ls of milk are $1.50 off(Feb 22-24) with coupon code 54158. It's on sale for $4.39-$1.50=$2.89
All week the Kellogg's Flatbread Sandwiches are $3 with the websaver coupon for $2 they are $1.
Save On Foods
yams .59/lb!
20 lbs potatoes $4.99
Earthbound Organic Salad 142 g $1.99-$1.50(Checkout 51)=.49
8 oz mushrooms $1
Cauliflower $2
1 lb kiwis $1.47
Asparagus $1.88
Minute maid OJ 1.75 L $2(Checkout 51 $1.50)=.50
Classico Pasta Sauce $2(Checkout 51 $1.50=.50)
Danetello's pizza $3
Boneless Blade Roast AA $2.28/lb limit 4
Strawberries 2 lb $3.88
Lettuce .96
Mushrooms 454 g $1.98
PC Chunky Salsa 1.85 L $4.98(limit 4)
Degree deodorant $1.48(limit 6)

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