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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deals at Costco, Superstore and Walmart

This week at Costco there are some great deals! Boneless pork loin is $5 off per package. This is good until Mar 3. Remember to get the smallest package possible so you get the best deal possible. The meat lady told me the smallest was $15. See below!
The Barber Chicken Cordon Swiss(not broccoli)  is $7.69 for 8. At our Costco(don't know if it's the same everywhere)Cracker Barrell mozzerala cheese is on sale until Mar 10th. $8.09 for the 907g block!!!That's $8.91/kg!
Sorry, it's a picture taken with my iPad. Tostitos salsa is on sale at our Costco. It's med and a 1.85L for $4.49!
Here's the smallest pork I could find. I love to hear from you if you found smaller!!! $13.02-$5=$8.02
$8.02/2.610 kg=$3.07/kg or  $1.39/lb!!!!!
I will cut this up into roasts, chops and cube it for stir fry.
blog 005
This is my Superstore shop. The ketchup was $3 for the 1 L. Checkout 51 is giving $2 cash back this week! So 1 L for $1! Superstore has the multi packs of Ziplocs on for $7.97. There is a coupon for $2 when you spend $10. I also had a coupon for the containers, $1 off if you bought the bags. So, for $8.07(plus tax) I  got 90 large freezer Ziploc bags and 5 containers. The ricotta and the rainbow trout were mark downs. The ricotta ended up being $2.49 for 454 g! The rainbow trout(which we had all been craving!) ended up being $5.29 for 2. The roast was $2.28/lb, the yams .59/lb and the toothbrushes were a price match with Rexall for .88 each. 
Total spent $51.22
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At Walmart this week the Satin and Soft tp will be on sale for $3. This is a screaming deal!!!! Need to read more about toilet paper? Go here.

blog 003
This is Walmart. I had AMAZING customer service! My teller Ken was so patient and kind. He didn't get ruffled with my coupons and price matching!
I price matched the roasts with Superstore's $ The yams I price matched with Save On foods for .59/lb. The avocados are .58 each at Lakeview Market. The toothpaste I price matched Rexall for .88 and used 2, $1 off coupons making them free! The sole was $4.47 and I used a Superstore $1.50 off on each, making them $2.97 for 400 g. The apples I price matched Quality Greens at .69/lb.
Total spent $52.29

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