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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Waste Not Want Not?

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Did you get the eggs this weekend at Safeway? 
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How about the tortillas last week? Want a recipe to use both? How about breakfast burritos? My oldest daughter introduced me to these a few years back, and we love them! I was lost in the world of Pinterest the other day(once again) and found out that you can freeze them! Yesterday, my brother and sister in law were leaving town and dropped off some veggies and a few tortilla shells. I love using things up so as to waste nothing and so an idea was formed! 
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The lovely thing about these is you can put whatever you want in them! I cooked up some organic mushrooms (thanks Jas and Lynn), some spinach, peppers, garlic and bacon pieces. Then I scrabbled a dozen eggs.
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I put a bit of each on each shell, as well as a dollop of salsa. You could add cheese if you wanted to.
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I used plastic wrap to individually wrap each one.
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Then I popped them back into the bags the wraps came in, put the date on, and threw them in the freezer! 14 breakfast burritos made in short time, and nothing wasted. Happy dance! :)

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