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Monday, February 18, 2013

Makes Me Crazy!

I took this picture at Safeway on Saturday. This kind of stuff makes me crazy. I am sure when you go grocery shopping you are usually busy and maybe preoccupied. You probably are trying to remember where you put your list. What was it you were supposed to pick up that you are sure you are forgetting? What aisle is peanut butter in?Why do your kids keep asking for things? What did you need for supper? Then you run into this. You need crackers and look,they are on sale! If you buy 2 the tag on the 450 g of crackers says you can get them for $2.50/box, normally $2.99. Below it says if you buy the 900 g it's $3.99. It  looks at first glance that the small box might be the better deal because you have to buy 2 to get the low price! Well, as you have already figured out 2 boxes of 450 g would be $5. The equivalent amount(900 g) box is $3.99! This saves you $1.01. I know it's not a lot but many of these misleading sales could add up. It makes me crazy because people have to pay such close attention in order to not waste their hard earned money. There. My rant for the day. Thanks for listening. :)

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