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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bonus Air Miles at Shell this Weekend

There is an air miles deal this weekend at Shell.

 This Weekend Only!

 On Saturday February 9th and Sunday February 10th, Shell sites Nationwide will enjoy special bonus reward miles offers: This Weekend Only! On Saturday February 9th and Sunday February 10th, Shell sites Nationwide will enjoy special bonus reward miles offers: Spend $50 on any purchase, including a minimum $20 V-Power Fuel purchase and earn 50 AIR MILES reward miles Spend $50 on any purchase, including a minimum $20 Shell Bronze, Silver or Diesel fuel purchase and earn 25 AIR MILES reward miles Note: No Coupon required All Convenience Store Food Store Items and Car Wash are eligible Tobacco Products and Service Bay repairs are excluded

So, I decided to look into the air miles cash and see about changing over to it. We have been using our air miles to get the night out coupons but there are a few problems with that. One, it seems there are only a few movies a year that we want to see in the theatre. We are much more comfy at home with popcorn and jammies! And secondly, I am a Secret Shopper for Cineplex so we already have to go see movies!

 The nice thing about deciding whether to use air miles rewards(the original method) or air miles cash is that you can go into your on-line air miles account and change it any time. So, say I am not happy using the cash method I can go back and change to 100% rewards or a combination of cash and reward miles.

 We have about $30 worth of cash rewards. 95 air miles =$10 cash rewards. I have been reading in a forum on Smart Canucks, about air miles,  and it had been mentioned that they use their  air miles cash to buy gift cards at Shell! So, I decided to figure out how to combine that with this deal. Here's my figuring. Let me know if you figure it different. I have 2 choices.

25 Air Miles                                                                     50 Air Miles

$20 Bronze Gas($1.20/L)=16.6 Litres                   $20 V-Power Gas($1.35/L)=14.8 Litres
$30 Gift Cards                                                          $30 Gift Cards
  $50                                                                           $50
-$30 Air miles cash                                                 -$30 Air miles cash
 $20 out of pocket                                                   $20 out of pocket
-$2.63 air miles value                                                -$5.26 air miles value                                         
  $17.37                                                                        $14.74   
                                                                                     $2.16(to make up for the difference in litres)
The difference in litres is due to the difference in price between the bronze and the V-Power, $1.20/L and $1.35L. You could also get silver of diesel. The extra $2.16 was calculated for the difference in litres 16.6-14.8. I took the 1.8 litre difference and multiplied it by $1.20/L to get the $2.16. So, all of this to figure out which is the best use of our money. The second option seems to be the best deal, not by much, .47!  I probably need to buy $50 worth of gift cards as they probably won't have $10 cards.  I don't know how this will go. I plan to do it Friday, so I will try and update this then. Leave a comment if you have an idea for me! Thanks!

Just a side note for those of you who read my earlier post about gas purchases . If I was to buy this same $20 worth of gas at  Superstore I would get $1.16(16.6L X 7cents/L) in gas bucks and .20(worth of PC points) so a grand total of $1.26.


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