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Monday, February 18, 2013

Homemade Sushi : Guest Post By Marissa

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Homemade Sushi
By Marissa (Sue's daughter)

Homemade Sushi is waaaay better then the stuff you get at the store and healthy too!
You'll need:
1 cup white rice
half piece of imitation crab
half avocado
1/3 a cucumber
2 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
1tsp salt
3 pieces of Nori seaweed

Sushi mat (Its a long row of sticks tied together)

To make the Sushi:
I use a rice cooker so I don't know the rules for the pot. With a rice cooker you put in one cup of rice and 1 3/4 cup of water. This should make your rice sticky.
When the rice is cooked add the rice vinegar, sugar and salt and stir them together. Now it should to start smelling like Sushi! (I ask that you don't drool on the food)
Take a piece of Nori and set it on your Sushi mat. (Make sure the shiny side is facing down) Add a thin layer of rice and gently spread evenly.  (Probably half a centimeter thick) The thicker your rice is the thicker your Sushi is so be careful.
When rice is spread line the crab, avocado and cucumber in a straight line in the center of the rice.
Carefully, using sushi mat, roll the rice into long log. It should look a lot like a cinnamon roll. And like a cinnamon roll you carefully cut it into about 6-7 pieces. For each cut wet the knife. The water makes it easier to cut through the nori. Also, I find the end pieces always fall apart so I cut those first and save it as a treat for the cook ;)
Continue with the other three pieces of Nori or until you've used your rice. Depending on how thick you spread the rice these rules will very.
You should have about 22 piece in the end! Enjoy!
Warning: Chew carefully, Nori can be a bit hard to chew at times. Also don't eat too many pieces! Over a dozen and you will undoubtedly get sick!
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Thanks Marissa! Awesome job! Just a note to the money conscious. The Nori I found in the ethnic aisle in Superstore 20 sheets for $2.48. That's .15/sheet. 
Want a grand tally?
Sushi costs
Nori .45
Rice .25(this is a guess)
Cucumber .25
Avocado .35
salt and sugar .05
crab .15
rice vinegar .25
Grand Total $1.75 makes about 22 pieces, not included the cook's ends. This is 8 cents/roll!!!


Dayna Dueck said...

You inspired me. I'm making sushi for the first time today!! I have a question. Do I need to cool the rice first?

Sue said...

Hi Dayna! She hasn't been cooling the rice and its been fine, but we went to a sushi making dinner this weekend and the host put it in a shallow dish in the freezer to cool it. So either way! Happy sushi making!