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Saturday, January 12, 2013

This Week's Sales

blog 005
This is my Walmart Shop. I needed all my shopping to be done in as few stops as possible so here's what I did.
Oreo cookies $2.49  $1.99(PM Rexall Drugs)Checkout 51 gives me $2 cash back FREE
Unico Tomatoes .88(still on sale this week)Checkout 51 0.50 cash back  .38
Celery, Broccoli bunches, tomatoes and 5lb potatoes all $1 each
Cucumber .77
Lemons .37 each
Limes .33 each
Avocado .49 each(PM Lakeview Market)
All Color Peppers .99/lb(PM Quality Greens)
Lettuce .98(PM Lakeview Market)
Pineapple $2.49
Eggs $2.67
Imitation Crab $2.17(making sushi!)
Apple Cider Vinegar $2.37
Not shown windshield fluid $2
Grand Total $28.32

blog 004
Sometimes it makes me crazy the $ off coupons Save On and Coopers do. You never know if it's a good deal or not becasue you don't know how much the thing is originally! Today, I had to stop at the library and Coopers is in the same mini mall so I thought I would check out the $5 off coupon on the front of the Save On and Coopers flyers. The deal: 2kg of lean ground beef in a chub for $12-$5 coupon=$7.00  That's 3.50/kg or $1.59/lb!!!!! screaming! There's a limit of 2. It's on until the 17th. Don't forget to get a raincheck if they don't have any.
The chicken wings are at Rutland only.
3kg $11.99 limit of 2 ($3.99/kg or $1.82/lb)
Other deals at Save On
Navel Oranges .59/lb(Coopers' has 10lbs $5.99)
20 lbs of potatoes $4.99
Coopers has WF Bacon for $5.99 B1G1 making them $3 each limit 8
broccoli bunches .96
Pkg of 3 romaine hearts 2/$4
NN Olives $2 limit 6
NN Pineapple Juice 1L $1.25 limit 6
NN Pasta 2kg $2.18 limit 2
blog 008
I had just told my menu planning buddy how I had froze the hamburger I had bougt at Safeway without making any meatballs first! Well, seems I got a second chance! It took about 10 minutes of hands on time to make these 3 trays of meatballs below. My recipe isn't exact. I just added garlic, eggs, breadcrumbs, an onion and salt and pepper.
blog 009
I put them in the oven at 400 for 15-20 minutes and then stuck them out on the deck(it's -5) to prefreeze them. After about a half hour I put them in a ziploc and put them in the freezer.
blog 007
With some avocados I bought earlier in the week I made this yummy guacamole  The recipe is Patti's, a home stay student of my brother's.
2 avocados
1 Large Tomato
2 Limes
1 onion
coarse salt
cilantro(optional if your family has banned it, I made some just for me with cilantro!)
Patti said the main thing was to add enough lime juice, that's what makes it taste great!
Mix all together and serve with chips, crackers, on burgers, as dip for pizza....or just all by itself! So tasty!

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