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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saving Money On Gas in 2013

I have mentioned in the past that I keep track of our gas purchases on the Gas Buddy site. I really like the fuel log book as it is easy to use and great to refer back to. The total for the year, as well as the total liters used and fuel economy is up at the top. I have back to 2007 saved in the log book. I can easily figure out my gas budget for 2013 by basing it on the past year's purchases. 
As you can see we buy most of our gas at Superstore. Last year I used my MBNA(no fee cash back card) credit card for most of my purchases as they offered 3% cash back on gas and groceries up to $600 per month. (This year they have reduced it to 2% and only up to $400. Unless you are a new card holder, then you get 5% for the first 6 months!)
 At Superstore this year they changed their gas bucks at the pump. It used to be 3.5/liter. This year if you use your PCMC or PC financial debt card you get 7 cents/liter! Last year I got a total of $87.84 in gas bucks. That was on 2509 liters. If nothing changes and we use the same amount of gas, we will get $175.68 in gas bucks at the pump, plus 10 PC points for every dollar spent so $29.62. Using the PCMC will mean $205.30 in our pocket this year.
  Another way to save big on gas is to use the Superstore GAS EVENT(extra cents off when you buy a certain amount of groceries) coupon. Last year I was able to do that 9 different times over the year. I saved from 15-35 cents/ liter. That meant $10-$40 savings per fill! In total that meant almost $200 in savings($194.75).
 What do you do to save money on gas?
Superstore gas receipt

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