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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Checkout 51 this Week

checkout 51 001
I need to find a way to get the pictures from the app as  a picture that I can share here. I have tried screenshots and actually taking pictures of the offers, so forgive the poor quality please. I just really want you to be able to SEE the offers.
Checkout 51 offers start Jan 10 and end Jan 16
3 Bricks of Philly Cream Cheese- buy 3 bricks and get 1X$4(Incl light)
Oreo cookies-300g or larger, any variety $2
Garnier Fructis-any product $2 excludes travel size
Cottonelle Dry Bathroom Tissue-Cottonelle Clean Care, Ultra Comfort, Gentle Care, 6 pack or more $1.50
Mc Cain Regular Fries- 1kg, any cut, Superfries excluded $1
nestle Pure Life-natural spring water, 20x500ml or 24 x 500ml $1
Unico canned tomatoes- 796ml, any variety .50
Eggo Waffles or pancakes- box of 8 or more, any flavour .50
Campbell's Ready to use Broth -900ml, beef, chicken or vegetable and no salt added .50
Ritz Munchables- 200g, includes Pretzel Crackers and Buttery Thins
Quaker Instant Oatmeal- 10 packets or more. any flavour .50
All you need to do is buy ONE(the offer is limited to one) of all or of each of the items above. You can buy them ANYWHERE they are sold. Then you take a picture of your receipt with the app and send it in. When you reach $20 you are eligible to get a check mailed to you. I just got a check for $28 and already you can see my balance is back up at $22! I use it to buy things I would already buy and I often can combine coupons to make the item free or even pay me to buy it! Its a fantastic app,which could work extremely well for those who do not care to use coupons. I am hoping to update this post after I look at the flyers and see what sales and coupons you could combine to get the best deal. Feel free to send me an email or comment if you spot something great!
checkout 51 002
If you are in Walmart before Friday Jan 11 they have Unico tomatoes on for .88, so you could  get one can for .38!
At Costco 3 bricks of Philly are $8.89-$4=$4.49!!!(great to make the Shrimp Carbonara recipe!)

Oreo cookies Rexall has Christie cookies 280-300g $1.99 Jan 11-13 at Sobey's they are $1.88(thanks Anonymous)FREE!!!!
Mini Eggo Waffles are $1.97 at Walmart. Use the coupon from get them for .47(thanks Anonymous)

checkout 51 003
The app is available for the iPhone  iPad and iPod.  Need more details?  Go here.


Anonymous said...

Oreos are on sale for $1.88 this week at Sobey's, making them free! Mini Eggo Waffles are $1.97 at Wal-Mart. Combine with $1 off printable coupon and get them for $0.47!

Sue said...

Thank you! I will add that to the blog! I really appreciate it. You must be from Alberta, we don't have Sobeys here but I shopped there when I lived in AB.