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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saving Money On the First Tuesday of the Month

Suffice to say that when I grocery shop there is a lot going on!
 Let me share a day in my life as a grocery shopper. This morning my sister in law and I got to shopping first thing at 8:30 am. (She was there earlier, I had to drop hubby off at work). We started at Save On Foods as the $l/lb chicken legs wouldn't last!(Just a note that if your store doesn't have any the meat guy said they will give you a rain check!) We picked up the limit, which was 4 each. Next stop, Extra Foods for 10-15% day. 
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Extra Foods shop 
It was nice that Extra Foods already adjusted their prices to be competitive with Walmart, Save On, and Safeway. The milk was $4.36,same as Walmart. The Sun Rype apple juice was .88, Safeway's is .89.  The Hunt`s Tomato sauce price was adjusted to match Save On, but they limited it to 3. I had a coupon for buy 2 save .75. The gingerbread train in the back of the photo was .99! It doesn't expire until May of this year. The Unico tomatoes I priced matched Walmart at .88. The teas were 50% off making them $1.49 for a 16 pack. The margarine was $2.64 for the 1.36kg. The grand total was $58.20 after discount. I ended up at customer service as one thing on my list was the chili sauce. We scoured the store and only found small 250ml bottles for .98. When we were done shopping we found a display on our way out that had the 650 ml bottles for $1.98. So, I quickly exchanged them. Emily, the teller at customer service was so awesome! Thanks Emily!

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This is the Save On Foods $1/lb chicken legs.  The total for these 4 packages was $12.41. When I got home I used my chicken scissors and separated these into drumsticks and thighs. 
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After Extra Foods we headed to do our Safeway shop. The ground beef was a rain check for $1.99/lb for lean ground beef. The 2 boxes of chicken breasts were $26.36 each. The Kellogg's flatbread breakfast sandwiches were on for $2.67 and I had a coupon for $2 off so for .67 I thought I would try them.The Sun Rype apple juice was .89/carton. The IOGO yogurt was 50% off and I had 3/ .75 off coupons. The Bretons crackers were B1G1, so 2 boxes $3.49.
Grand total at Safeway was $87.73 after coupons, $5 off email direct coupon and 10% off. My bill said I saved $116.91 or 55%. This included paper coupons which included the rain check savings and the 10% off as well as manufacturer's coupons for a total of $62.71. Card savings equaled $49.20. Basket savings(the email direct coupon) $5

Our teller Ryan was absolutely awesome! First time in a year that we didn't have to go straight to customer service after finding errors on our bills. He handled it all with professionalism and expertise! We were able to share the email direct coupon(the PLU is the same on all of them) with people in the line ahead of us. There were surprised to be saving 10% never mind another $5!
While at Safeway we got some very good news and so we stopped for lunch to celebrate!
After Safeway we stopped at Costco where I picked up bananas, 3lb for $1.69(.56/lb) and the black forest ham that is on sale for 2/ 375g packages for $6.39, which works out to .85/100g. As well as the sour cream, 1L is $3.59.
Last stop was Superstore where I picked up some pot barley,  (price matched Springfield Bulk Foods) and oranges which were $2.98 for a 5lb bag, or .60/lb. Included in this shop was chinese cabbage which was .48/lb and will be used in soup and stir fries.
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Once I finally got home(3:00 pm), I got the kids to help unload the huge pile. I got things arranged to photograph and got the fridge and freezer put away. Then I cut apart the chicken legs and broke down  each of the packages of ground beef  into 2 smaller packages. It was nice to get stocked up as November and December I really bought much less than normal due to the inflated prices. I made sure supper was a super easy, fast and incredibly tasty meal that I will share soon. So, there you have it....thanks for listening..

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