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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shoppers Credit Card Changes and Bonus Points

It seems Shoppers Drug Mart has changed their credit card from a MBNA Mastercard to a RBC Mastercard. If you had the old one, mine is pink, you should receive a new one to replace it from RBC. I received mine yesterday.
 The paper work with it says Activate Jan 25, 2013 to continue earning Shoppers Optimum points.
 Use your RBC card before May 31, 2013 and receive 2500 Shoppers Optimum points. At a bonus redemption those points are worth $5.53 At a mega they'd be worth $6.58.
You earn 15 Shoppers Optimum points for every $1 spent using the card at Shoppers, plus 10 extra/ $1 if you use your Shoppers Optimum card. This is the same as it was with the old card.
In order to make this card worth using here's some tips:
1. Pay it off every month(for sure, otherwise it's not worth it!)
2. Keep a close eye on what you spend. Research shows that with a credit card we spend on average 12-15% more than we would normally!
3.Use it to buy Shoppers gift cards and then use them when you buy things at Shoppers. You get your points from using your credit card and then you get points again when you buy products at Shoppers.Try and do it on 20X or other bonus point days.
4. Buy  the above mentioned gift cards in November, when you can buy $150 in gift cards and get a bonus 8000 points for doing so.
Last year I earned 24,468 in Shoppers Optimum points just by using my credit card alone.(This does not include my points earned in store). At a Bonus redemption this would be worth $54.09. At a Mega, $64.39. I really only use it to buy Shoppers and other(Home Depot)gift cards for the amounts we would be spending at those merchants any ways.For the last few years we have been able to go Christmas shopping in the beginning of December with our points and it really helps.

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