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Friday, January 4, 2013

This Week's Sales

Now that the holiday season is done grocery prices tend to be more manageable. I found that the Shoppers Points I cashed in in December really helped me stretch our grocery budget for December.
This week there are some good deals. If you can combine them with price matching and customer appreciation days as well as coupons and Checkout 51, you can start the year saving. Here's some deals I noticed. 
Superstore/Extra Foods Jan 4-10
Seasoned Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts 4Kg $26.28(works out to $2.98/lb)limit 4
NN Canola Oil 3L $4.98
Bunch of Spinach .88(not in the Extra Foods flyer)
Grapefruit 4/$1 !!!!!!
20lb potatoes red or russet $4.88
3lb onions .96
French Bread .97
NN English Muffins $1
Country Harvest Bread 2/$5
NN Pudding 4x99g .88 limit 6
NN Mac and Cheese 12x200g $5.48 limit 6
NN OJ 1L or juice boxes 5x200ml $1 limit 4
NN Tomato paste 156ml 2/$1
Sweet Chili Sauce 650ml $1.98
Bok Choy or Suey Choy .48/lb
NN Pasta 900g .97 limit 4
NN Beans or Chickpeas 5/$4(.80)
NN Granola Bars $1.48
Extra Foods is having the Family Appreciation Jan 7 & 8
If you can wait to shop Monday or Tuesday you could save even more!

Save On Foods Jan 4-10

Chicken Legs Fresh, Back Attached $1/lb limit 4 !!!!
Hunt's Thick and Rich Pasta Sauce 680ml $1(price locked until Jan 31)

Safeway Jan 4-10
10% off day Jan 8
SunRype Apple Juice 1L .89 limit 12
Boneless skinless chicken breasts 4kg $26.36(limit 2)

Walmart Jan3-10
Milk 4L $4.36
Unico canned tomatoes .88
5lb bag of potatoes $1
1lb bag of kiwis $1.47
Mangoes or Avocados .77(avocados are .58 at Lakeview Market so you could price match at Walmart or Superstore if you have the ad from the Jan 3 event, sale ends Jan 6)
Romaine Hearts 3pk $2


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