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Friday, April 29, 2011

This Week's Sales

Hubby took this happy picture!
Superstore April29-May 5
Is having a no tax event on Fri Apr 29 from 5pm until midnight
Also on April 29 Boneless Blade Roast $1.88/lb
Fresh Mangoes are .38 each limit 6
They also have the gas coupon again. Buy $100 get .10/L off. Buy $150 get .15/L off. Buy $250 and get .25/L off.

NN TP 24 doubles for $6.98 limit 4
NN Bacon 3X500g $7.44
NN Salami, Pepperoni or Summer sausage 1Kg $3.48
5lbs Spartan or Fuji apples $2.96
NN Orange Juice Frozen 12 for $12
NN Pretzels 1.36kg $3.98
no name sour cream 1L $2.98
Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs $1.88/lb

                          pork loin chops rib and center, or sirloin and center, frozen $1.88/lb
                            PC Thick and Juicy Bear Paw Burgers 4.54Kg $19.99 limit 3
                                                               Mangoes 4kg $5.88

                                                           Save On Foods May 1-7
                                                          Red Globe grapes $1.47/lb(Coopers)

                                                              Shoppers Apr30-May 6
Christie crackers or cookies $1.79 limit 4 May 1&2 only(limit 4)
SunChips and Ruffle Chips 2/$4 May 1 & 2 only(limit 4)

Walmart Apr 29-May 5
Red Globe grapes $1.47/lb
3Pk Romaine $1.50
Great Value Bleach 2.85L $1
Crest toothpaste 100ml .88
 Majesta TP 16 doubles $5.98

Tuesday is 10% off day
Boxes of Boneless skinless chicken breast $2.99/lb

Extra Foods Apr29-May5
Family Appreciation Days Coupons are on the front of the flyer again. Effective May 1-May2 Spend $25 get 10% off, Spend $50 get 12% off, Spend $100 get 15% off.
NN Salami, Pepperoni or Summer sausage 1Kg $3.48
NN Bacon 3X500g $7.44
PC Thick and Juicy Bear Paw Burgers 4.54Kg $19.99 limit 3(I have never tried these, most of the time I make my own, but this works out to .50 a burger and $2/lb so if they are good it might be a great deal!)
NN OJ 12/ 341ml for $12
5lbs Spartan or Fuji apples $2.96
NN Pretzels 1.36kg $3.98
no name sour cream 1L $2.98
Mangoes 4kg $5.88
Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs $1.88/lb

Celebrate the Royal Wedding with free cereal!!! This link takes you to a Kellogg's contest and on the left you click on the link for free cereal. It will take you to the site where you can order one free cereal and 3 Kellogg's coupons!(plus many more coupons.)
Then at they are offering free Cheerios or Fibre 1 cereal, here . This link will take you to the websaver site and there you can also gets lots of other coupons. The free cereal is only redeemable on June 21???

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