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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Peanut Butter!!!!

I just had to quickly post this deal on Peanut Butter! At Costco you can get a 2Kg of Kraft Peanut butter, regular or light, for $3.89!!!!!
I have never tracked it this low!!! I am curious if all Costcos across Canada do similar sales, would you help me by emailing me or posting a comment as to whether or not your Costco has peanut butter on sale? Ours in Kelowna, expires in August(the peanut butter that is). What would you do with all that peanut butter you ask??? I will do a post on that shortly. If your family eats peanut butter at all, go buy some!


Shammy said...

I've sent my husband to one of ours here in Winnipeg to check. I'll let you know!

Sue said...

Thanks Shammy,
I will be interested to find out. I noticed today that the shelves were almost bare!!!

Brenden said...

I am from Ottawa and the Costco in Gatineau(where the cheap Coors 55 packs are) had it on sale at that price as well.