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Friday, April 1, 2011

What did you do with all that cheese and This Week's Sales

Here's what I did with all that cheese! I am keeping half of the total and my brother and sister in law will get the rest. What am I going to do with it? Well, this week's menu will use the unshredded block and the rest is in the freezer for casseroles, wraps and pizza!

This Week's Sales
Walmart April 1-April 7
Great Value Bacon 500g $2.88
Lemons .33 each
Kiwis 1lb bag $1
Cucumbers $1
Armstrong Cheese Slices 125g $1

Save On
April 1-3 ONLY in BOLD
Utility Chicken Frozen $1.49/lb limit 2
Kraft Dinner 12X225g $7.99 limit 2
April 3-9
Spend $100 get a $10 gift card April 5 th only
Broccoli Crowns .99/lb
Oranges .59/lb
Superstore 1-7
Spend $250 get $25 gift card
Cantaloupe $1.66
NN Sour Cream 1L $2.98
NN Flour 10Kg $6.59
Grapes green or red $1.27/lb
Mushrooms $1.98/lb
Romaine .86
Casa Mendosa Tortillas 10s $2.98
French Bread $1
NN Lasagna 2.27Kg $6.98
NN Oil 3L $4.48
Choc Chips Chipits 2Kg $10.99(not lowest price ever)
Extra Foods has 10-15% coupons for spending $25-$100 April 3-4
April 2-3 only Allen's AJ 1L $.87
Alymer's Soup 2/$1
Cooper's 3-7
Broccoli Crowns .99/lb
Pineapples $2.49
Spend $100 get a $10 gift card April5 th only

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