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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Computer Repair Help

I have been looking forward to doing this post. I hope it's clear and easy to understand. Let's start by saying I am not a computer whiz! Any of you who have followed my blog for any amount of time can see that I am just learning!!! So, that's why I thought this post would be an encouragement to you. Let's start at the beginning. It all began when our desktop said we had encountered a virus and we needed to click here and pay this to fix it. It was not our anti virus reporting, but it looked a lot like it. We did not click here or pay anything, but we did get infected with the XP Home Security virus. The computer came to a stand still. Slowly getting more and more incapacitated.
As I googled fixes I came across some posts on you tube for Bleeping I followed these to their website and signed up after checking them out online. I posted as a new member and very shortly I got a reply as to what I could do to start to solve this problem. The moderator walked me through step by step.  Bleeping Computer is a computer fix site for the novice. They strive to help you and me fix and learn! The website is supported by advertising. The moderators are volunteers as I understand it. The man who helped me was very patient and clear in his explanations of what I should do. He was several time zones away in the USA. It took a total of 5 days and I had a fixed computer! I learned valuable tools to better protecting my computer and you can too, just go on their website  . This post is my thank you to boopme over at Bleeping Computer and my encouragement to you in your efforts to learn more about computers and save money. If I can do can definitely do it!

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