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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last Weekend of Skiing and This Week's Sales

This was taken from Big White yesterday, by my hubby, who got quite the sunburn! Those lumps of snow are trees! Big White has had an incredible amount of snow this season! Sadly, this is the last weekend of skiing. Do you want to go? Try on community and then tickets) for inexpensive tickets.

Walmart 8-14
Red Seedless Grapes $1.47/lb
Cauliflower $1.47
Lettuce .88
Pears .97/lb
Christie Crackers $1.88

Superstore/Extra Foods 8-14(No Tax Event 9-10 only)
Lettuce .76
NN Frozen Veg 2kg $3.48
NN Frozen Perogies 2Kg $2.98
NN Salsa 1.89L $4.48
Case Mangoes 4Kg $5.88
Asparagus $1.28/lb!!!!!!!

Zellers 8-10 only
Mr.Goudas White Rice 8Kg $5.99
Charmin TP 12 doubles $4.99
9-10 only
Carefree Pads $2.49

Save On 8-10 only
Onions 3lbs .99
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice 3.78L $4.99 limit 2

Green Grapes $1.49/lb
Cantaloupe .69/lb
25 lb bag of onions $5.99

Safeway 8-14
Grade A Turkeys .99/lb
Green or Red Grapes $1.49/lb

Rexall 8-9 only
Purex TP 2/$5 (16 singles)!!!! limit 4

Rexall Paper Towel/facial tissue .59
Peak Frean's cookies $1.88
Snack up chips 140g .79


Praveen Kumar said...

Wow, Very Beautiful seen.

MM Enterprises said...

Wow, Nice Pic. thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

Thanks! My hubby gets all the credit!