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Monday, May 9, 2011

Making Money with Mail in Rebates

 Thanks Cory for pointing out this little freebie! Spend $20 on selected items at select stores(double click on the rebate form to see the list of eligible items and stores) and send in your receipt and get $30 worth of President's Choice Gift cards!
The fine print
1. Make sure to buy the items and sizes as shown on the rebate form
2. Make this purchase separate at the till so you can send in your receipt(all items must be purchased at one time)
3. Write all the UPC codes on the back of the receipt and circle all the item's prices on the receipt
4.Purchases must be made between April28 and May 19th 2011
5.Must be mailed by June 3,2011
6.Only one mail in rebate form per address or household

1 comment:

Cory Priebe said...

Even if you just buy the items to give them away to the food bank you still come out $10 ahead! Buy the stuff for $20, send in the receipt, get $30 back. Give away the food (if there is nothing you like in what you bought) and you still got $10 in your pocket!