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Friday, May 13, 2011

This Week's Sales

We have this dead birch that I can't bear to see be cut down, because of moments like these! This beautiful guy posed for me! (I don't know why this in underlined!)
Superstore May 13-19
Superstore is doing the gas deal again this week. Spend $100-$250 in groceries from May 13-19 and get .10-.25 cents/ litre off. Your gas can be purchased up until May 25. I did this last week and it saved me $15.60 on my gas plus I got a gas buck for $2.73!
Mushrooms 454g $1.98
Kiwi 1Kg Bag $1.96
Eggplant .98/lb
Top Sirloin steaks $3.78/lb
NN TP 24 doubles $6.98 limit 2
Walmart May 13-19
Green Peppers .97/lb
Broccoli .97 each
Armstrong Cheese 750g $7.97(not the best price)

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